Deathsworn Arc 4 & 5 and the subscriber exclusive.


Deathsworn Arc 4 is getting consistently VERY strong ratings on Goodreads. It’s a more complex and less linear book than the previous three. Book 5 takes this trend even further, separating the characters and telling more stories, then weaving the stories together. I recently wrote a blog post on the progress I’m making with it here:-

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Anatomical variation – A high cecum ( Colonoscopy )

I’ve just had a colonoscopy! You can hear my thoughts on it here:-

It DID confirm what I was told a long time ago – that I have a very high cecum. To explain that, here are two simple diagrams.




As you imagine my anatomy presents a new challenge for a novice colonoscopist! Luckily the scope was still long enough to find it’s way through my entire, long, twisty and awkward bowel!