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My own video series on starting and improving your writing, will eventually cover publishing and marketting too:-
Author Martyn Stanley YouTube Channel

Simple tips to improve your writing
Two minutes to improve your writing!

Use of language (I don’t entirely agree with this, but it’s worth a read.)
Writers Digest – Use of Language

7 Deadly Sins of Fantasy Writing

Writing Strong Female Characters
Ways to write a strong female character

General advice about writing, self-publishing and marketing (This is a great post!)
Sell loads of books – System spelled out!

Writing Sword Fights
10 Things Writers Get Wrong About Sword Fights
Discussion on above article

Common Mistakes regarding Firearms Writers Make
Writing About Guns
Movie Gun Myths

Inge Beta Reads
Inge Beta Reads

AutoCrit Manuscript Editing Software

Pro Writing Aid Manuscript Editing Software
Pro Writing Aid

Cover Artists & Illustrators

Canva Free Cover Design
Helheimen Design (Isis Sousa)
Squared Motion Design (Daniel Johnson)
Simon Walpole
 Book Covers by Joolz & Jarling


7 Reasons NOT to Self-Publish (I don’t agree with this, but he makes some interesting points.)
7 Reasons NOT to Self-Publish

Amazon KDP – Amazon’s Self-Publishing Platform
Amazon KDP

Smashwords – Multi-Format Publishing Platform (For Nook, epub, ppdf, Kobo, mobi, iTunes, Google Play and more)

CreateSpace – Amazon’s Paperback Publishing Partner

Ingram Spark – Lightning Source Paperback Publisher (Alternative to CreateSpace – need ISBN)
Ingram Spark

Nielsen UK ISBN Agency (Needed for Ingram Spark Paperbacks.)
Nielsen ISBN Agency


Free Kindle Books And Tips


Read – A good promo site with a straightforward submission process. They prioritize authors who link back to their site.

Bookbub – The biggest, most powerful email subscriber promotion. Expensive, but if you can get accepted you’ll get a LOT of downloads.
Bookbub Partners

Ebook Hounds – Similar to Bookbub, but less reach. Worth scheduling in though.

FreeBooksy – Great email subscriber promo site with a few options.
FreeBooksy for Authors

Ebooksoda – Cheap email subscription promo site.

Genre Pulse – Another Bookbub type site. Less picky, seems to give decent results.
Genre Pulse

The Fussy Librarian – Another great email subscription site to schedule in.
Fussy Librarian – For Authors

Book Sends – Formerly Book Blast
Book sends

Pixel of Ink – Another option.
Pixel of Ink Authors Page

Book Gorilla – Good reach, but can be picky. Some say they are geared more towards trad-pubbed.
Book Gorilla Advertise

Ereader News Today – Not supposed to be great for my genre (fantasy) but they are supposed to be good for many others.
Ereader News Today

Robin Reads – Picky, but supposed to be good for many genres.
Robin Reads Author Sign Up

Books Butterfly – I’ve had good results with these. Not cheap, not picky but they seem to deliver.
Books Butterfly Order page

Book Perk – Not used yet, but probably worth a look.
Book Perk UK

Kindle Nation Daily – Not used, but worth a look I suspect.
Kindle Nation Daily

Buck Books – Not used but I will look into.
Buck Books

Free Kindle Books & Tips – Not used yet.
Free Kindle Books & Tips

Indie Author News – Not used yet.
Indie Author News

Awesome Gang – Not used so far.
Awesome Gang Advertise

Good Kindles – I’m new to this one too.
Good Kindles

Read Cheaply – Another new one.
Read Cheaply

Reading Deals – Not tried.
Reading Deals Submit

People’s Read – Not tried.
People’s Read – List Your Book

Book Bear – Not tried it.
Book Bear – Author Services

Ebook Lister – This one’s new to me too!
Ebook Lister

Digital Book Today – Not used so far.
Digital Book Today Submissions

Many Books – Not tried yet
Many Books – Promote page

More Alternatives to Book Bub – Tried some, some of them are repeated here.
Book Bub Alternatives

BKnights – The GOLD STANDARD of ebook promotion on Fivver. Probably the only Fivver promo service worth using!
BKnights On Fivver

Book Blogs for Reviews/Review Requests

Book Shelf Reflections (Inge van de Kraats & Co)
Readful Things (Ionia Martin)
The Gal in the Blue Mask (Meghan)
Rosie Amber
Elizabeth Ehlen Administration Book Reviews
Paulams Giveaways & Reviews
Imaginary Adventures of Me (Eliza)
Woman On The Edge Of Reality (Linda Parkinson-Hardman)
Clarice’s Book Nook (Clarice Minchew)
Sunshine & Mountains Books
Online Book Club
British Bookworm Blog (Jo Evans)
Relaxed Reads (Lou)