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Deathsworn Arc 4: Rise of the Archmage

It’s definitely a WIP now!

My editor is reading through the first draft. These are the draft cover sketches so far:-

14 RiseOfTheArchmage drawing 2

The good things I like about the book:-

More conflict with Melchiot and the church apotheke-zag.de.

Exploration of ‘The Children of Avanti’ another Torean religion.

Exploration of more of Vashni’s, Elden Roth’s and Brael’s past.

My new character Vexis Zaelwarch – former Low Priestess to Avanti.

Things I don’t know about:-

Because there’s so much new stuff going on – I don’t know if there’s enough of the old stuff. Some of the characters seem a bit side-lined in this book and it worries me.

Also the ending feels a little anti-climatic. But then maybe it should given the circumstances?

Deathsworn Arc 4: Rise of the Archmage – Progress report!

Well, it’s closer – it’s a LOT closer.

I’ve written nearly 70,000 words and started the process of self-editing. I’ve also commissioned a cover from my illustrator Isis Sousa. Here are her early sketches:-

drawing 2


So what now? What is the rest of my process for making it ‘ready’ ?

Well, I use software to help edit for localisation. I use the same software to edit for consistency, word-overuse, writing style, grammar and spelling.

Once I’ve done all that and I’m happy with it – I read the whole thing out-loud and listen to a computer text-to-speech of it to pick up problems I’ve missed.

Then, it goes to a beta-reader / Draft editor, then if goes to a proof-reader.

After I’ve implemented all their suggested changes I agree with I go back and start again. I repeat the process several times until I’m happy with it.

I also still need to write out two major events. However I want to start the polishing process now so there’s less of a mountain of editing to do at the end.

Interestingly I’ve recently read a few interesting articles on writing fantasy and thought I’d share.

If you want to write fantasy, these are all worth a read. On self-publishing, I don’t agree that you SHOULDN’T self-publish, but that if you do you should put as much effort as a publishing house into perfecting your book! I wish I’d done this when I started out. I published far too early and paid a price in having to release updated versions! Be 100% sure it’s as good as you can get it before you release and DO NOT rely on self-editing alone!

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