Deathsworn Arc 4 & 5 and the subscriber exclusive.


Deathsworn Arc 4 is getting consistently VERY strong ratings on Goodreads. It’s a more complex and less linear book than the previous three. Book 5 takes this trend even further, separating the characters and telling more stories, then weaving the stories together. I recently wrote a blog post on the progress I’m making with it here:-

Do sign up to the newsletter! I am definitely writing the subscriber exclusive Vashni story and it will only be available through the newsletter. I need to finish Deathsworn Arc 5: The Temple of the Mad God, but the subscriber exclusive is my next priority after that!


2 thoughts on “Deathsworn Arc 4 & 5 and the subscriber exclusive.

    1. Thanks for messaging Mona! I don’t know why it doesn’t work, but I’ve manually added you to the list. I rarely send out messages unless there’s something worth telling you about like a new release or promotion.

      Deathsworn Arc Book 5 “The Temple of the Mad God” is still a bit away from release. As soon as it’s out I’ll be working on the subscriber exclusive prequel. I already have Isis working on a cover for the prequel short story and my editor has a copy of it to work through. I think it’ll be good!

      So glad you’re enjoying the series so far, I hope you can spare a moment to leave me a short review on Goodreads and Amazon.

      Best wishes,


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